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What are ingrown toenails?

Ingrown toenails are extremely painful and can become infected. They occur when the nail pierces the skin around the edge of the toe.

Treatment for ingrown nail

What causes ingrown toenails?

This can be due to

  • Excessive curvature of the nail
  • Damage caused by sport
  • Deformity of the nails due to fungal infections or psoriasis

However often it is just caused by incorrect toenail cutting or biting.

How are ingrown toenails treated?

Ingrown toenails are most commonly treated by removal of the nail spike and shaping of the nail.

Often this is a one of treatment that will resolve the issue. However, some ingrown toenails are recurring and may need further treatment or surgery.

This surgery can be performed by your podiatrist under local anaesthetic. Nail surgery is a permanent solution to the problem of ingrown toenails.