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What is a bunion?

A bunion is a bonnie swelling usually on the joint of the big toe. However, it may also occur on the little toe joint; where it is known as a tailor’s bunion. This is because tailors historically sat cross-legged leading to damage on the outside of the foot. Bunions are painful and make wearing certain styles of shoe uncomfortable.

A study in 2011 found that more than 1 in 3 older people have at least one bunion. Bunions slow people down and reduce their mobility.

What causes a bunion?

People often believe that bunions are caused by ill-fitting footwear. Although this may be the cause bunions can also be inherited or as a result of flat feet.

In all cases, ill-fitting footwear can exacerbate the problem.


The Symptoms of a Bunion

Bunions display them selfs in a number of different manors. They are often an angular bony bump on the side of the foot; at the bottom of the big toe. The bump can then become covered in harden skin as it rubs against footwear. 

Other signs are swelling, redness and unusual tenderness at the bottom of the big toe and the ball of the foot. Ove time the area becomes warm to the touch and shiny.


How are bunions treated?

As the primary result of bunions is that the foot is in the incorrect shape the main method of treating bunions is orthotics.

Orthotics help by remodeling the structure and function of the foot. These can bus custom made to your needs. This is accompanied by general foot care advice.